19 ноября 2015 г.

Sea worries

 Firetrap t-shirt(Similar HERE)/H&M shorts(Similar HERE)/Unknown brand sandals(Similar HERE)


Hello dear readers! How are you?;) Today I want to show you this amazing post with beautiful pics! I think that sea can take all your worries. When I'm there I feel fantastic, I love to see on the beach looking to the sea waves it really calms!
When we were shooting the sea is really worried. Waves was really big!
Unfortunately this was my last moments in Belek and we decided to do this great outfit post!
Hope you'll love it! Enjoy!;)

5 ноября 2015 г.

Sunny Day

LTB t-shirt(Similar HERE)/LC Waikiki shorts(Similar HERE)/Ray-Ban sunglasses(Similar HERE)


Good Morning dear readers!;) Listening the new album of Ellie Goulding I decided to show you my second look from Turkey!;) That was really sunny day! We had fun in sea,swimming pool,aquapark and eating every tasty food!;)
I like very much to wear not very bright but at the same time very interestin t-shirts! Like this on me even now I don't understand what is depicted there?;) Also on me my fav shorts!
Enjoy guys , soon will be more pics!;)

19 октября 2015 г.

Blue Polo

Debenhams t-shirt(Similar HERE)/Bershka shorts(Similar HERE)/Oodji sunglasses(Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! I just came from Turkey, Antalya and I'm so exited to share with you my memories and pics!;) You can also see more moments in my Instagram(HERE: terners) .
In the moment we shooted this post was little bit rainy but it was just 15 minutes, thank weather for this light was better for shooting!:D
I love polo very much! Especially when it's summer and they are bright! First off all they are universal , you can wear them as at the beach as to the dinner! Is it uncomfortable? No, contrary!
I wish you guys a good week and great day!

25 сентября 2015 г.

Moschino, Spring-Summer 2016

This time, Jeremy Scott has made space for display in the area of road works and models, even the "top" - in working on the road. And in dresses of black and yellow barrier tape, hard hats with veils and bags of orange cones, perhaps more meaning than in sweaters with Sponge Bob. Or do we just have become accustomed?
After several seasons with the Jeremy Scott is difficult to imagine that Moschino was once another. Sylvester and Tweety, Barbie SpongeBob - who not only became the "face" of Italian homes for those few seasons. And the people, judging by the full halls at the Milan show Scott and sales suddenly flying thematic capsules, it all really like. And not just like Katy Perry, for which the designer is ready to hold their shows and make wait for all the bored editors. Those who happens to Moschino pleasure still does not work, this can only accept not seem to get in the walls of the house again preparing a big change.
This time the podium has become virtually in the hostilities, that is, in the area of ​​road works. With obstruction designs, yellow and black ribbons, screaming about the danger (in the case of Moschino, they warned of the proximity of the "dangerous haute couture" - and this, as well as "hard luxury" was really funny), construction helmets, and even tools. This topic Jeremy Scott by all means developing and clothing. He began with a series of retrokostyumov with appropriate hairstyles of interest in that they are sewn from the same fluorescent materials, and uniforms of these road workers. Some of the models have even been really excellent, for example, pale light green dress shirt bag-cone orange, or "desktop" type sweatshirts, worn with a blouse with a bow and trim skirt to the knee. That is close to openly trashy-things came across and really good, not just looking for fun joke - and we have already reached the point where even such obvious things I want to say thank you.

21 сентября 2015 г.


Waikiki t-shirt(Similar HERE)/Bershka shorts(Similar HERE)/Waikiki shoes(Similar HERE)

Well hello dear readers! I'm really sorry for unposting but I'm trying to fix it! University life is really cool! Ilove my Uni and my colleagues we really have fun at the lessons! Why I wear this t-shirt?:) Because very soon I'll visit one of my fav countries Turkey! I'll do many pics for blog and my intagram and be sure to share with you! Stay tuned! Have a great week!

25 августа 2015 г.


LTB t-shirt (Similar HERE) / OVS shorts (Similar HERE) / Pepe Jeans shoes (Similar HERE) / Swatch sunglasses (Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! How are you?:) With big regret I can say that summer comes to the end! That's bad that summer is not endless!:D
Very soon will start my university life and I'm exited about this!:) Can't wait my first day in university!:) I will study psychology it is in my opinion very interesting! I am sure I will share with you the latest news from the study!:)
On me daily, and a simple but still interesting outfit. I supplemented it with my favorite sunglasses and hope it looks good!:)

28 июля 2015 г.


Disney t-shirt (Similar HERE) / Waikiki shirts (Similar HERE) / Waikiki shoes (Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope your summer is great!:) Very soon will starts my university life and I'm little bit exited! This is one of my fav outfits for this summer. Love this shorts very much every t-shirt is looking good with them!
Have great week everyone!;)

21 июля 2015 г.


Hello guys! I want to share with you my prom pics! I'll  never forget that day,night! Me and my classmates was together! We spend really great time till the morning! We danced all night and then we went to greet the dawn.  We were allowed into the sky lanterns and watched the fireworks!!!

10 июля 2015 г.


Colin's t-shirt (Similar HERE) / Primark shorts (Simiral HERE) / OLDCOM shoes (Similar HERE) / Colin's bag (Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! Finally i finished my school, passed all exams and now I'm free!
Now I can calmly deal with my blog and do new outfits posts!;)
Recently I had my prom and I'm planning to share with some pics from it!;)
Hope you having great summer time!;)

24 мая 2015 г.

Hard Month

House jacket(Similar HERE) / Zara long sleeve(Similar HERE) / Colin's jeans(Similar HERE) / Adidas sneakers(Similar HERE) / Swatch sunglasses(Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! Finally I got time to write here!!! I had a very difficult month I had an exam in acting. I have yet to pass 5 exams and I will finish school!!!
This is one of my fav looks I had ever made! This ripped jeans for the moment are my favourite. I can say that you'll see them again and again!;D
As soon as I have some free time I will go to take a new post pics!

23 апреля 2015 г.

Knitted Sweater

House jacket(Similar HERE) / Vintage sweater(Similar HERE) / Oodji jeans(Similar HERE) / Adidas sneakers(Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! I apologize for the lack of posts was busy with studies and the weather was rainy. Even this post was filmed immediately after the rain!;)
This sweater madly is pleasant, and he was my favorite all the winter! He combines very well with absolutely everything but it seemed to me ripped jeans perfectly complement the vintage sweater my grandfather!
I wish you have a great weekend my dear readers!!!

11 апреля 2015 г.

Memories from Greece: Thessaloniki

UCB cardigan(Similar HERE) / Just Casual t-shirt(Similar HERE)/ Oodji jeans(Similar HERE) / Adidas sneakers(Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! My second passion after fashion is traveling! Today I want to show you my pics from Thessaloniki! I was there this autumn and weather was not so  warm as I wanted:D I really wanted go to the sea and take a walk near the monument Alexander the Great where I photographed my outfit!
Later we went to ride around town and look at the Thessaloniki from the bird's-eye view!
It was really amazing! I will definitely be back again in this city!!!:)

7 апреля 2015 г.


Pierre Cardin jacket(Similar HERE) / Calvin Klein Jeans jumper(Similar HERE) / Sacoor Brothers shirt(Similar HERE) / LTB jeans(Similar HERE) / Zorile shoes(Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! How are you?;) I'm fine, today I had an vocal exam and I pass it!!! YAHOO champagne to everyone haha:D 
Weather is absolutely does not please every day rainy, even when we did these photos for half an hour before it was rain and we were lucky that we did it without it!:) I hope will soon be sunny! Soon will be my last school vacation and would like to enjoy them to the full!
I love the combination of jumpers and shirts, I think it looks really cool! When I put on my friends call me a pupil of Harvard University and I jokingly decided to call myself a geek!!!;)

4 апреля 2015 г.

School Boy

Zara coat(Similar HERE) / OVS sweater(Similar HERE) / LTB jeans(Similar HERE) / Adidas sneakers(Similar HERE)

Hello dar readers! How are you?;) I decided to upload every weekend my old outfits from my past blog!;) Maybe someone didn't saw them! What do you think about it? This way also will be more posts on blog!;)
My hardest week has passed! I wrote all all the preliminary examinations and all successfully! I hope for the exam result will be the same.;)
Now exhibited this post and go to photograph new outfit!;)
Have amazing weekend my dear readers!

31 марта 2015 г.

Brown Stripes

House jacket (Similar HERE) / UCB sweater (Similar HERE) / LTB jeans (Similar HERE) / Oodji sneakers (Similar HERE) / Zara snood ( Similar HERE)

Helo dear readers! How are you?:) This week is really hard for me I write preliminary examinations but until I get by and all is well but still very tired! Very strange weather this weekend was rainy and it was hard to take pics in such weather but we did it YEAH!:DD
I love my leather jacket and when the weather is good, I've never rented it!
I also haircut today and you can see the results in my Instagram(HERE)!
Wish you a great time dear readers!

28 марта 2015 г.

Happy Birthday Lady GaGa!!!

TRN t-shirt (Similar HERE) / Bershka shorts (Similar HERE) / Unknown brand sandals (Similar HERE

Good evening dear readers! How do you do, what's new do you have?;)
Today is the birthday my favorite singer! I decided to put my old photos here on this occasion, because she is on the shirt.:)
Maybe someone of you have not seen it and it seems to me that the photo is very successful and reminiscent of summer in this rainy weather, which I now have outside the window!
Saturday is coming to an end so I wish you a beautiful Sunday!!!:)

25 марта 2015 г.

POUSTOVIT A/W 2015 Ukrainian Fashion Week

Ukrainian designer Lilia Pustovit presented at the Ukrainian Fashion Week a new collection. Next fall Poustovit fans waiting for a mixture of innocent spring flowers with uncompromising Suprematism and avant-garde. And, of course, the new version of the traditional brand dress-shirts!
For yet at the Fashion Week in Ukraine, I did not hit. but the photo from all the shows I tried to watch! Poustovit was one of my favorite shows!!! Elegant and colorful collection is also very feminine this collection hardly leave anyone indifferent!
Most of the things in spite of the apparent complexity, is very simple in cut - Poustovit wear things without any problems and can girls who are suspicious of bold fashion experiments, preferring something more obvious. They will find a lot of bright dresses and shirts, which have always been the hallmark of the brand, midi skirts embroidered with large pockets of flowers and concise coat. And for those who are a little more daring, there is another outerwear covered with prints and cuts, as well as shirts with bright ribbons fluttering sleeves, patent leather boots, and things made up of contrasting blocks.

20 марта 2015 г.

New Beginning

ZARA coat (Similar HERE) / Jeans West long sleeve (Similar HERE) / LTB jeans (Similar HERE) / Adidas sneakers (Similar HERE)

Hello my dear friends! I really missed you!;) My old blog was deleted and it is very long and uninteresting story! Most important thing is that now all is well! My advice to you never give up!!! I am very happy that it happened, I'm a little rest and now I'm with fresh ideas has created a completely new design for the blog! I thought for a long time to do it but did not reach before, and this situation has helped me.
I am very pleased that you asked me what happened to the blog 
it helped me to quickly create all new! Thank you!;)
Now I want to publish my last post from the old blog, you probably did not even see because after its publication blog was immediately removed!