28 июля 2015 г.


Disney t-shirt (Similar HERE) / Waikiki shirts (Similar HERE) / Waikiki shoes (Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! How are you? Hope your summer is great!:) Very soon will starts my university life and I'm little bit exited! This is one of my fav outfits for this summer. Love this shorts very much every t-shirt is looking good with them!
Have great week everyone!;)

21 июля 2015 г.


Hello guys! I want to share with you my prom pics! I'll  never forget that day,night! Me and my classmates was together! We spend really great time till the morning! We danced all night and then we went to greet the dawn.  We were allowed into the sky lanterns and watched the fireworks!!!

10 июля 2015 г.


Colin's t-shirt (Similar HERE) / Primark shorts (Simiral HERE) / OLDCOM shoes (Similar HERE) / Colin's bag (Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! Finally i finished my school, passed all exams and now I'm free!
Now I can calmly deal with my blog and do new outfits posts!;)
Recently I had my prom and I'm planning to share with some pics from it!;)
Hope you having great summer time!;)