19 ноября 2015 г.

Sea worries

 Firetrap t-shirt(Similar HERE)/H&M shorts(Similar HERE)/Unknown brand sandals(Similar HERE)


Hello dear readers! How are you?;) Today I want to show you this amazing post with beautiful pics! I think that sea can take all your worries. When I'm there I feel fantastic, I love to see on the beach looking to the sea waves it really calms!
When we were shooting the sea is really worried. Waves was really big!
Unfortunately this was my last moments in Belek and we decided to do this great outfit post!
Hope you'll love it! Enjoy!;)

5 ноября 2015 г.

Sunny Day

LTB t-shirt(Similar HERE)/LC Waikiki shorts(Similar HERE)/Ray-Ban sunglasses(Similar HERE)


Good Morning dear readers!;) Listening the new album of Ellie Goulding I decided to show you my second look from Turkey!;) That was really sunny day! We had fun in sea,swimming pool,aquapark and eating every tasty food!;)
I like very much to wear not very bright but at the same time very interestin t-shirts! Like this on me even now I don't understand what is depicted there?;) Also on me my fav shorts!
Enjoy guys , soon will be more pics!;)