7 апреля 2015 г.


Pierre Cardin jacket(Similar HERE) / Calvin Klein Jeans jumper(Similar HERE) / Sacoor Brothers shirt(Similar HERE) / LTB jeans(Similar HERE) / Zorile shoes(Similar HERE)

Hello dear readers! How are you?;) I'm fine, today I had an vocal exam and I pass it!!! YAHOO champagne to everyone haha:D 
Weather is absolutely does not please every day rainy, even when we did these photos for half an hour before it was rain and we were lucky that we did it without it!:) I hope will soon be sunny! Soon will be my last school vacation and would like to enjoy them to the full!
I love the combination of jumpers and shirts, I think it looks really cool! When I put on my friends call me a pupil of Harvard University and I jokingly decided to call myself a geek!!!;)


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