20 марта 2015 г.

New Beginning

ZARA coat (Similar HERE) / Jeans West long sleeve (Similar HERE) / LTB jeans (Similar HERE) / Adidas sneakers (Similar HERE)

Hello my dear friends! I really missed you!;) My old blog was deleted and it is very long and uninteresting story! Most important thing is that now all is well! My advice to you never give up!!! I am very happy that it happened, I'm a little rest and now I'm with fresh ideas has created a completely new design for the blog! I thought for a long time to do it but did not reach before, and this situation has helped me.
I am very pleased that you asked me what happened to the blog 
it helped me to quickly create all new! Thank you!;)
Now I want to publish my last post from the old blog, you probably did not even see because after its publication blog was immediately removed!

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