25 сентября 2015 г.

Moschino, Spring-Summer 2016

This time, Jeremy Scott has made space for display in the area of road works and models, even the "top" - in working on the road. And in dresses of black and yellow barrier tape, hard hats with veils and bags of orange cones, perhaps more meaning than in sweaters with Sponge Bob. Or do we just have become accustomed?
After several seasons with the Jeremy Scott is difficult to imagine that Moschino was once another. Sylvester and Tweety, Barbie SpongeBob - who not only became the "face" of Italian homes for those few seasons. And the people, judging by the full halls at the Milan show Scott and sales suddenly flying thematic capsules, it all really like. And not just like Katy Perry, for which the designer is ready to hold their shows and make wait for all the bored editors. Those who happens to Moschino pleasure still does not work, this can only accept not seem to get in the walls of the house again preparing a big change.
This time the podium has become virtually in the hostilities, that is, in the area of ​​road works. With obstruction designs, yellow and black ribbons, screaming about the danger (in the case of Moschino, they warned of the proximity of the "dangerous haute couture" - and this, as well as "hard luxury" was really funny), construction helmets, and even tools. This topic Jeremy Scott by all means developing and clothing. He began with a series of retrokostyumov with appropriate hairstyles of interest in that they are sewn from the same fluorescent materials, and uniforms of these road workers. Some of the models have even been really excellent, for example, pale light green dress shirt bag-cone orange, or "desktop" type sweatshirts, worn with a blouse with a bow and trim skirt to the knee. That is close to openly trashy-things came across and really good, not just looking for fun joke - and we have already reached the point where even such obvious things I want to say thank you.


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